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Guess Who!!!
by Floyd Roberts

I’m sure that by now you have determined that this publication is being sent to you from the staff that produced the former Grain & Feed Marketing magazine. During the past five years we’ve been talking to managers of grain elevator and livestock feed businesses... learning the topics that interest you most... observing attendance at industry seminars and workshops... and watching how industry changes are affecting today’s management responsibilities.

There’s no doubt that there have been more industry changes during the past 5-7 years than any other similar period. The pace is quickening, and YOUR life will not get any easier without your efforts to gather and process more information... faster…and to create the activities and programs to run a more successful enterprise.

One manager summed it up when he said he is now ‘expected to spend more time tightening budgets and building the business than tightening bolts and building the facility, like I used to’. And, he wasn’t sure where to get THAT information. I remembered that because it seemed like a unique informational need and marketing niche.

Since 2000 we have been developing unique and exciting editorial relationships with professionals, consultants, experts and specialist who serve clients in THIS industry. They have been willing to share their insights, observations and experiences with you in a fashion usually found in larger circulation, more technical or management oriented business-to-business publications. We describe it as “Helping managers lead.’

There are two other competitive publications in the industry that have similar titles, and, all three have been around for 20 plus years. So, there has always been confusion about the source of articles and ideas .You have probably tried to recall something you read and weren’t sure which publication in which it appeared. I’m not sure this name change will completely solve that issue. But it does more clearly identify the audience WE serve.

In conjunction with changing the name of the publication, our new website (also named) grainandfeedmanager.com has come on line. Talk about exciting! We’ve already been overwhelmed with the visits. It has been designed to be THE industry portal by developing the most interactive format for the industry. We’re continuing work on developing the Managers Forum... Jobs & Help Wanted section... Used Equipment Classifieds... Issues archived by date, author and topic. Come visit and tour the industry. But, know it is changing as much as your job! And, we too are working to keep up with all that is going on.

This is YOUR industry management magazine and I am not sure you want everyone in your organization (or your customers) thumbing through it. We would welcome your comments, thoughts and suggestions.

Floyd Roberts

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