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Association News

AFIA presents melamine issues seminar to the White House

At the invitation of the Office of Science and Technology Policy of the Executive Office of the President (OSTP/EOP), AFIA Staff and P&G Pet Care presented a seminar June 22, on the recent melamine contamination in pet food instances and the effects on both the feed and pet food industries. Jerry May, P&G Pet Care and Dr. George Datson, P&G (corporate) presented information on the toxicological detective work that identified melamine as the principal compound found in protein products imported from China. Dr. Datson also presented data on the binding of melamine to cyanuric acid, a similar compound, which appears to cause low soluble crystals that have been implicated as the cause of renal failure in some pets. The coordinator, OSTP, is the office in The White House that advises the President and his staff on science and technology issues.

Attendance at the meeting included scientists from OSTP, including the assistant director for technology; the National Economic Council and the Office of Management and Budget. Other scientists from The White House have contacted AFIA requesting a copy of the presentation. AFIA VP Richard Sellers was invited to coordinate the presentation following a presentation he made at a Department of Homeland Security national conference on science and technology in May.

Director of Ingredients and State Legislative Issues Jarrod Kersey also attended the meeting. Sellers presented information on AFIA, issues of quality control regarding the import of foreign ingredients and border concerns resulting from delays by Customs and Border Protection checks for melamine from Canada. He indicated the industry has an adequate control system for these ingredients in its Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification Program

AFIA expresses its appreciation to P&G Pet Care and Nutro Products for providing input into this seminar.

AFIA's Address has changed

The American Feed Industry association has moved. AFIA's offices are now located at:
2101 Wilson Blvd., Suite 916
Arlington, VA 22201
Phone (703) 524-0810 Fax: (703) 524-1921
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it Web: www.afia.org.

NGFA Announces Program Highlights for Annual Conference

The National Grain and Feed Association's Country Elevator/Feed Industry Conference has a well-earned reputation for focusing on the "hot" issues facing country elevators and feed mills in the year ahead.

And the 2007 conference is no exception! Take a look:

— Futures Market Performance: Major session focusing on market factors and price-range projections for 2008 and impacts on basis, carries and capital needs for grain origination. In addition, experts will offer perspectives on additional changes that may be needed to futures market contracts to encourage convergence between futures and cash.

— Biofuels: The latest projections on ethanol growth and impacts on U.S. grain and oilseed stocks given crude oil prices and energy legislation; how South America is responding to U.S. shifts in planted acreage; prospects for shifts in U.S. livestock and poultry production, and how U.S. rail carriers plan to stretch tight capacity to transport ethanol and DDGS.

— Responding to Food/Feed Safety Challenges: Top congressional and FDA officials have been invited to discuss major legislative and regulatory initiatives that will redefine how imported and domestic food and feed are regulated and inspected.

— Biotechnology: A preview of new grain biotech traits now under development that may be commercialized in the next few years, as well as new best practices for commercial introduction being developed by the biotech industry.

— Farm Policy: The latest on prospects for the 2007 farm bill and a look at the future of U.S. conservation programs to encourage use, rather than idling, of tillable acres.

All this, plus renowned farm broadcaster Orion Samuelson! Don't miss it!

NGFA's Country Elevator/Feed Industry Conference and Trade Show will be held on December 9-11, 2007 at the Chicago Marriott Magnificent Mile, Chicago, IL. See www.ngfa.org for full details.

Board Positions To Open; GEAPS Leaders Needed

At Exchange 2008 in February, three positions will become open on GEAPS’ International Board of Directors, and four on the Associates Board of Directors. We need great people – including a new second vice president —to step forward and help lead the organization. Nominations are due Oct. 15, and elections take place this winter. Serving on GEAPS’ two Boards offers real-world leadership training on an international scale.

Nomination forms are available from the GEAPS office —at 952-928-4640; Fax: 952-929-1318; This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it Candidates must also fill out and return a candidate profile form. Self-nominations are also welcome. If you’re interested in serving, don’t hesitate to step forward.

Only Associate members may submit Associates board director candidate recommendations, while any GEAPS member may submit nominations for the International Board. Only Regular members may serve on the International Board and only Associates may serve on the Associates Board.
Nominees must be willing to invest time and out-of-pocket expenses. Members serve three-year terms. No more than two persons, including GEAPS officers and directors, may be employed by the same company.

Elected International directors should be able to attend three meetings each year – in February or March at the annual GEAPS Exchange; in June, at the annual Leadership Conference; and in mid-November at the GEAPS office in Minneapolis. Elections will be conducted by mail in December.

International Board
International directors whose terms end next February are:
—Jeff Caskey, The Scoular Co., Intermountain Chapter
—Mike Kiel, The Andersons, Seaway, and
—Rick Krier, Western Iowa Coop, Siouxland
All are eligible to run for re-election, but must be renominated to do so. However, only three spots will be open.

Associates Board
Current Associates Board directors whose terms expire in February are:
—Van Buchanan, Rubber Belting & Hose, Great Plains Chapter
—Gary Geist, Kings Valley Industries
—Jeany Hesse, Integra Plastics, Siouxland
—Larry Roth, InterSystems, HoosierThey are eligible to run for re-election, but must be re-nominated to do so.

GEAPS’ Nominations committees are coordinating the effort to find qualified candidates, however, anyone who would like to nominate a candidate is encouraged to do so.

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