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Friends and Leaders
by Floyd Roberts

I recently spent my first-ever, 10-day period totally out of contact with my office. No calls were received from them… and I did not ‘call in’, check e-mails or even attempt to. It was a wonderful experience – easier than I expected, really.

It was not an exercise in will power. You see, I was busy re-kindling a long-severed relationship with a great German buddy I had not seen in over 35 years. About four years ago I received a surprise e-mail titled “What YOU been doing the Past 31 Years?” Today’s technology helped us re-connect.

Bernd and I shared a unique student—GI relationship and spent considerable time learning about the other’s family, how we lived and what we really thought. It was a fascinating time – John Glenn circled the earth… Kennedy and Nixon had televised presidential debates… and the Berlin Wall went up.

I wondered how long it would take (and if we could) re-establish that special connection; an evening of camaraderie, authentic German bier and Wiener schnitzel did the trick. We were soon back ‘in synch’ and able to pick up where we left off so long ago. If globalization were only so easy for all!

In preparation for the long flights to and from, I purchased a copy of Lee Iacocca’s new book Where Have All the Leaders Gone? He is still telling it like it is and capable of building his case to substantiate whatever his thoughts might be on the topic at hand. I’ll not attempt a book review, but he addresses four questions that deal with leadership

Where have all the leaders gone?
Where have all our friends gone?
Is capitalism letting US down?
Can America be great again?

His style is easy reading. And, the topic of leadership fascinates me. At first glance we seem to have so few current examples and legitimate heroes. But maybe we’re not looking in the right places. I’m thinking of a young Mom who came up with the idea of burning disks on her home computer, of the songs kids learned and sang in Bible school. She might be an example most would overlook.

You might not describe yourself as a leader. But, you have to be to get all the things done necessary to survive in this market these days. Many times there may seem to be too much information available. But, not all information is equal. We are trying to bring you the information needed to help meet your leadership challenges… AND OPPORTUNITIES!

Read this issue and go to granandfeedmanager.com to tell us what you think. Or—better yet what you need. You’ll find part one of two new series in this issue. One asks ‘Who Controls the Acres in Your Market?’ and the other suggests ways to get your customers to help you sell. It’s called Word of Mouth Marketing. We know you are busy with harvest… but remember the publication and website titles describe who they serve (YOU – like no others in the industry) so, come join us!

Floyd Roberts

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