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Grain Loading Supermen
by The G-Man

Grain Loaders are real men! Here's a typical 29 hour day at work for a grain loader:

Starting yesterday morning, you had to clean out a plugged up dump pit to free up a frozen augur that filled up with rotten grain and frozen rainwater sixteen inches deep.

And then, you had to repair a worn out conveyor belt that tore apart for the fourth time this month

And then, you had to replace an old drive motor because the bearings froze up because your boss would not let you replace it until the motor caught on fire.

And then, after you put out the fire, you had to convince the fire marshal that this was simply routine maintenance.

And then, just around midnight, an overdue shuttle train arrived in a blinding snowstorm, and you had fifteen hours to load it and get it turned around.

And then, you discovered that the train was previously loaded with fertilizer, and every car is crammed full of rock-solid scale you have to scrape out.

And then, just as the light of day arrives and your men are finally up on top prepping the railcars, OSHA arrives with a warrant for a surprise inspection.

And then, you notice that your last two functioning fingers are frozen in a permanent 'question mark' shape.

And then, just as you finally finish loading the train, you find out the corn you'x`ve been loading is full of contaminated GMO's.

And then, when you finally arrive home to greet the fighting kids, barking dog, and complaining wife.

She hands you a beer, kisses your cheek, and you begin to settle down, thinking life is good!

Soon you head for a well-deserved shower. And then, just as the first drops of refreshing hot water thaw out your weary bones, she cracks open the door and asks you the question youíve been waiting for:

"Hurry up and take a shower dear, don't you know my mother will be here any minute for the weekend?"

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