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“You have NO idea...
by Floyd Roberts

...of the impact this publication has with readers,” the Communications Manager of one of the industry's leading marketers recently told me. She had called to request subscriptions for top managers and field reps who regularly pilfer her file issues. “We love the editorial focus you describe as Helping Managers Lead. And we know readers do, as well, because our clients are primarily large elevator managers or grain brokers for leading grain organizations. We talk to them daily - lots of them. Time and again there are references to content in issues of G&FM. We know they ARE reading issues and/or visiting the website.”

WOW! That made my day and helped get the New Year started on the right foot!

Yesterday a young lady dropped in for a surprise visit. I didn't even know her. Turns out her father was the retired farmer/widower that occasionally stopped by for a quick visit during his late-afternoon walk. Failing health and loneliness, since last year's loss of his long-time wife, and new health challenges led to inviting hospice in for caregiving assistance that very day. She had been his caregiver, staying until her children returned from school each day. As they were out and about, he usually pointed out the little white building that houses our offices and told her about his buddy the magazine guy. “You have no idea how much he appreciated those visits. They were really important to him,” she explained.

I was stunned...I really did have no idea. But now I know. I gave her a copy of the Winter issue and promised to bring a copy of this issue if he is not able to get out and stop by for a chat. I hope you are able to leave a little time in your busy schedule to share with others. It may be far more important than you guess.

Lender Alert!
The grain business is good; and it looks like it could get even better this year. Chances are your need for capital is going to grow - dramatically. And, that means your lender may become more involved in and require more documentation of your management capabilities. Don't be surprised - read what Illinois elevator management consultant Glenn Ludwig has to say about the situation. It's a good example of how we help managers... and what makes this publication unique. It could easily be your most valuable management resource - even if we charged for it!

This issue “premieres” at one of the industry's largest meeting and trade shows. We'll have attended a number of similar events during the winter and hope that you have been to one of the same shows we've visited. We'd like to know more readers better. Having a GREAT 08 should be our common bond. Let's do it!

Floyd Roberts

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