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Industry Bulletins

New tool to meet demand for healthier foods
Growers, grain processors and food companies are benefiting from an industry-standard calibration system for measurement of linolenic acid content in soybeans.

FOSS has developed the system in collaboration with major agricultural companies such as Monsanto and Pioneer Hi-Bred to ensure consistent healthier oil options for consumers. Soybeans with low linolenic acid content do not require hydrogenation and help meet the growing demand for food products with reduced trans fats content.

“We believe it is important to work together across the industry to deliver this new technology that benefits the agricultural and food industries,” said Christian Svensgaard, President of FOSS North America. “This industry standard will make sure that farmers earn their premium for growing low linolenic soybeans and that food companies receive quality soybean oil to help meet increasing consumer demand for foods with reduced trans fats.”

The calibration is used in near infrared grain analyzers and allows grain processors to use ‘real-time’ data to distinguish low linolenic soybeans from commodity soybeans. To develop the calibration, Pioneer, Monsanto, and others contributed data to the FOSS-developed calibration and conducted performance testing and verification on the resulting calibration.

The low linolenic soybean calibration is now available from FOSS and can be used with FOSS Infratec™ 1241 Grain Analyzer. The 1241 is the leading analytical tool used globally for analysis of all types of grain for different components such as moisture, protein and oil. The analyzer is commonly used for rapid analysis of grain as it arrives at intake. The low linolenic acid calibration can be packaged with other calibrations currently available from FOSS.

OSHA Upgrades its Small Business Assistance Website
The U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently unveiled an enhanced Office of Small Business Assistance (OSBA) website. The site includes an improved "Safety Pays" eTool and a new Spanish Language Safety link.

"OSHA continues to be at the forefront in developing and making resources and tools available to help employers provide a safe and healthful work environment," said Assistant Secretary of Labor for OSHA Edwin G. Foulke, Jr. "The ‘Safety Pays' eTool and the Spanish Language Safety link are examples of our commitment to better serve the needs of the small business community."

The website has been redesigned to highlight categorical pages, or tabs, for easier navigation and data access. The new format showcases focal points, new products and links. The site provides a wide variety of safety and health tools, products, and information for small businesses.

The OSBA website features an updated "Safety Pays" eTool to help employers estimate the costs of occupational injuries and illnesses and the estimated impact on a company's profitability. This web-based application allows businesses to identify the direct and indirect costs of injuries and calculate the sales needed to make up for these losses. Advantages of the "Safety Pays" tool include no downloading; access to updated loss-injury figures; automatic results after entering data in the appropriate fields; and the option to create and print additional forms online.

GEOSYS® launches a new Web site … Celebrates 20th anniversary
GEOSYS® has just launched its new Web site, revealing their new marketing campaign for2008. The site reflects the current positioning and target markets of GEOSYS® while describing the different products and services offered to those working in various agricultural disciplines.

This new Web site is dedicated to Professionals in agriculture, agribusiness and the environment toassist them in their search for a better solution in making critical, time-sensitive decisions.

On the new website, GEOSYS® products are grouped thematically; each product is defined by aspecific colour that is used for that product throughout the site and on marketing brochures. This graphical coherence helps newcomers and returning users move directly to their desired page.

This new Web site is also interactive and dynamic by offering up to date information concerning the evolution of their products, industry news and a calendar of upcoming shows and conferences where customers may meet with GEOSYS® staff to discuss current or upcoming needs.

Reflecting GEOSYS® expansion into markets around the globe, www.geosys.com is available in both French and English versions permitting a world-wide audience to discover their activities and to support the development of their international partners.

For 20 years, GEOSYS® has helped professionals in agriculture, agribusiness and the environment to make better decisions by providing services in agronomics, information and geographic technologies.

GEOSYS® is a world leader in Geographic Information Systems, remote sensing, satellite and aerial images, digital mapping, GPS, databases, and web technologies,… to provide the best solutions to its clients and to guarantee unbiased and objective information. GEOSYS® is based in Toulouse, France with an American subsidiary company, GEOSYS® Inc. located at Minneapolis MN.

eSignal Announces Redesigned, Upgraded LiveCharts
HAYWARD, Calif. Feb. 5, 2008—eSignal, the desktop solutions division of Interactive Data Corporation (NYSE: IDC) and a leading provider of streaming, real-time financial market data, news, analytics and decision-support tools for professional and individual traders, today announced upgrades to its LiveCharts® product. Dramatically redesigned, LiveCharts is more feature-rich and powerful than ever. LiveCharts offers users Web 2.0 functionality via eSignal’s social networking site and also links with the newly enhanced Quote.com. Running entirely on eSignal’s data network, LiveCharts is powered by PlusFeedSM data, a low latency, consolidated data feed service from Interactive Data Real-Time Services.

LiveCharts is an easy-to-use, java-based application that provides a window into financial markets by presenting streaming charts, portfolios and real-time news on any Web browser. With this upgrade, LiveCharts now includes a new, customizable modular interface, major international stock exchanges, the popular currency spot market Forex, in addition to data for major U.S. stocks, options and futures markets. This LiveCharts upgrade also doubles the number of technical studies and line tools available to users.

“We are excited to share the next generation of LiveCharts with our users,” said Chuck Thompson, president of eSignal. “This version of LiveCharts is impressive because of its elegant interface and new features that allow anyone to easily track their portfolios, charts and news in real-time.” Along with new tools, new market data and a redesigned interface, eSignal is combining the LiveCharts and LiveCharts Plus products into one package priced at $19.95 per month or $16.95 per month if pre-paid annually. Private label solutions are also available.

With LiveCharts, the streaming charts are full-featured, update in real-time and allow the user to determine style, size and scale. Charts are displayable in several formats, and 18 different technical studies are available for analysis of price movement. Hot Lists alert users to significant activity; trends, including gainers and losers; heavy call and put activity; stocks with unusually high volume; and more. A detailed Quote Window displays current bid and ask, volume and tick volume. Users can also select a Time and Sales display to see trades in real-time.

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