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“It’s About Yesterday… Not About Today and Tomorrow…”
by Floyd Roberts

Tennis legentd Billie Jean King was interviewed in a Spring issue of USA Weekend's American Icon series. She closed with a memory of a lesson her father taught her. He never let her read her press clippings because…

“It’s About Yesterday… Not About Today and Tomorrow…”

Readers who have been around this industry a few years often comment on not only the amount of change, but also the pace at which it has happened. Some believe there have been more changes in the past five years than the previous fifty. I suspect that could be substantiated by either those that agree, or those that disagree.

Say what you will, there is little doubt that this market is not your Father’ Oldsmobile. In fact, Oldsmobile isn't even around anymore. Everything seems to have already changed, or be on the verge of changing. Fewer and fewer things are about yesterday while more and more are about today and tomorrow

Change doesn’t necessarily make life simpler for managers--or the Board of Directors. It is not comforting to think that things may never again be as we once knew them just a short time ago. Changes, though sometimes painful, are creating the challenges and opportunities for tomorrow’s manager/leaders. One winter meeting speaker identified staff reduction as a logical place to lower costs. Doing more with less is a challenge for all American industry. And more challenges are coming!

Are YOU ready? How about your Board? Are you providing them the leadership they expect and deserve? Or, will that come from your replacement? I was pleased to recently receive a call from the manager of a large multi-unit business. He had picked up a copy of the Spring issue at GEAPS and decided to be sure that his managers were receiving their own issues at their places of business because he was impressed with how specifically the issue served the specific needs of those managers.

Interestingly, his administrator went to grainandfeedmanager.com to get our e-mail address to which names were sent. You can do that, too.

If this isn’t YOUR copy, just request a complimentary subscription. If you are NOT a manager, we’re sorry, because it is neither written for nor available to you. The subtitle describes what each issue is created to do – ‘Helping Managers Lead’. Their jobs get more complicated each day… and will continue to do so.

I love it when an issue comes together and am actually thrilled to see what our unique and distinguished cadre of professionals, consultants, managers, specialists and contributing writers offer our manager-readers. No other industry publication partners with you in such a way. Keep reading… and tell your suppliers!

Floyd Roberts

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