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November Conference to Explore Opportunities and Challenges in Containerized Shipping for Soybeans and Grain

BAR HARBOR, ME-- Soyatech has announced the Global Soybean & Grain Transport 2008: Opportunities and Challenges in Containerized Shipping. This new conference, which is being presented in association with the U.S. Soybean Export Council (USSEC), will examine the feasibility of shipping soybeans and grains by container versus bulk to destinations in Asia and Europe. Global Soybean & Grain Transport 2008 will take place November 5-7 at The Drake Hotel in Chicago.

"The Global Soybean & Grain Transport conference is a unique, major event exploring the growing interest in transporting soybeans and grains via containers to the Far East and Europe. A shift from bulk to containerized shipping requires a clear understanding of the economics and regulatory issues involved. We are pleased to partner with the U.S. Soybean Export Council, the American Soybean Association-International Marketing and the United Soybean Board to present this in-depth, educational industry forum on the likely trends in containerized shipping,” said Joe Jordan, Content Director for Soyatech.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Competition for container and vessel space among agricultural commodities and other products – how can shippers’ needs be met?
  • Current trends in container availability and prices
  • The regulatory framework – issues and solutions for containerized shipping
  • Infrastructure issues, including the impact of expanded intermodal and port facilities on various aspects of the industry
  • Recent trends in shipping U.S. soybeans and grain, plus near term production forecast

Participants include:

  • Giancarlo Morgera, Senior Vice President of Liner Services for MSC
  • Peter Friedmann, Executive Director of the Ag Transportation Coalition
  • John Vickerman, President, Vickerman & Associates
  • Mike Jones, Manager of Bulk Commodities. Virginia Port Authority
  • Robert Lijewski, Assistant Director of GIPSA Policy and Procedures Branch
  • Bo DeLong, Vice President of The DeLong Company
  • Jeff Mailhiot, Senior Group Manager for TSC Container Freight
  • Lynn Clarkson, President of Clarkson Grain

For more information or to register for the conference, call 1-800-424-SOYA or visit http://events.soyatech.com/conferences/GSGT.htm.

4B Watchdog Elite Bucket Elevator & Conveyor Monitor

EAST PEORIA-- The Watchdog Elite is a multi-function hazard monitor which provides the same reliable belt misalignment, underspeed and plug condition detection users have come to expect with 4B's PTC model, now with the added benefit of continuous bearing temperature monitoring. The system also monitors belt speed and acceration as well as pulley alignment.

The Elite incorporates the latest dual PIC microprocessors and non-volatile (EEPROM) memory chips. An LCD screen displays elevator status messages (available in 4 different languages) and a super-bright LED display shows belt speed. Calibration and set-up parameters are accessed via a password and front panel touch buttons.

Belt Speed Monitoring
Belt Alignment Monitoring
Bearing Temperature Monitoring
Pulley Alignment Monitoring
Plug Condition Monitoring
Acceleration Monitoring
LED Displays
RS485 Serial Communication (Standard)
PCL Interface (Optional)
Free PC Software
Detailed specification, wiring diagrams and installation/operating instructions available immediately upon request. Visit www.go4b.com for full details.

Bindicator® Introduces The TDR-1000 Guided Wave Radar

Bindicator, the leader in dry bulk level measurement, is proud to announce the introduction of the TDR-1000 Guided Wave Radar. The TDR-1000 provides continuous, non-mechanical, level measurement by means of low-power radar pulses guided along a stainless steel cable. The unit is particularly suited for measuring the level of solids, granules, and powders as well as a variety of liquids. For many applications, the TDR-1000 is an economical and superior alternative to capacitance, ultrasonic and plumb bob technologies, and it's unaffected by dust, temperature, pressure, humidity, or filling conditions.

Agricultural products are an ideal application for the TDR-1000.

Suitable for a variety of tank sizes and geometries, the device can easily be installed in new or existing vessels. Offering the additional benefit of low maintenance requirements, the TDR-1000 does not require additional calibration beyond its initial set-up. The unit is available with a stainless steel wave guide of up to 78 feet and is compliant with IP66 and NEMA 4X standards.

The TDR-1000 is available through Bindicator’s network of authorized distributors and manufacturers representatives. To find the one nearest you, visit www.bindicator.com/findReps.asp.

PowerWoRx e3 delivers energy savings, reduces maintenance

Ecotrust Energy has introduced the PowerWoRx e3, a clean power regulation system for residential and commercial applications.

For homes and smaller business facilities (such as a small sales and administration building) with 200 amp or lower panels, EcoTrust offers a standardized unit, pictured at uppper right. For larger facilities, custom equipment and software are installed after a site visit and careful evaluation.

PowerWoRx installations manage your power system to provide three main benefits. The statistics that follow are based on residential installations, but custom commercial installations provide equal or better performance:

1. Power factor correction—Most motorized electric devices are most efficient at full capacity, but rarely reach it. This can lead to devices puling more power than they use, a phenomenon measured as a power factor. The average power factor in American homes and businesses is .77, meaning 23% of the electricity being drawn is wasted. The PowerWoRx installation will correct the factor factor to .97 or .98 in most cases, saving you money on your electrical bill.

2. Surge protection—Typical residential and light commercial power sources allow hundreds of spikes and surges per day to reach valuable, and often times sensitive, electronic equipment at your business. These voltage spikes come from many different sources (motors, power fluctuations, static electricity, lightning, etc.) but can all cause damage to computers, security systems, cordless phones, florescent lamps, and other equipment. The PowerwoRx e3 operates in a dual-mode, using MOVs (Metal Oxide Varistors) to divert small surges to neutral/ground lines and a fail-safe cutoff to deal with large surges, such as lightning strikes.

3. Harmonic filtration—Homes, businesses and factories are filled with electronic devices that generate "noise." It's this noise that's responsible for that all-too-familiar static you hear on your home radio receiver, the "hum" of a florescent lamp, or the "snow" you see when a TV is receiving a weak signal. This high frequency current affects the delivery of your power supply and reduces the usefulness and life of your sensitive electronics. The PowerwoRx e3 filters out the noise, prolonging the life of electronics.

To find out more, visit www.ecotrustenergy.com/livingsolutions or call 888-236-7730.

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