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Are You Ready to Change?
by Floyd Roberts

Since the 1960s, I have read and enjoyed Agri Marketing magazine. I anticipate each issue’s arrival because there is always at least one idea (and often many) that challenges, enlightens or makes me think more about this great industry called American agriculture. By the way, we try to do the same for you with each issue of this publication.

An article in the April issue of Agri Marketing caught my eye because of some interesting facts with which YOU, too, must wrestle. It all started with the headline and subhead declaring diversity in agriculture is nothing more than “change management.”

Business issues will always be people issues and that fact has never been clearer in agriculture than it is today. The workforce has changed and it will continue to change, said a speaker at an industry human resources roundtable last summer. The following facts reflect major changes with which you must, or will, deal:

• 50 percent of immigration in the U.S. is from Latin America
• Employees coming into companies today, from the ages of 18 to 29, have already changed jobs an average of 9.2 times
• For the first time in U.S. history, four generations are in the workplace
• Half of all population growth will be from Hispanic and/or Asian communities
• Seniors over the age of 65 now outnumber teenagers

Helping Managers Manage
“Helping managers manage” is our editorial mission. Therefore, in each issue we feature articles by specialists in the fields of finance, business law, human resources, business management and safety. While our mission is unique in this industry, it is this group of professionals that uniquely qualifies us to help you.

We hope we are doing that. If you don’t think we are, we want you to tell us, okay? Though you do not pay a subscription for each issue, your time spent in reading represents an investment from which we want you to benefit. We appreciate your interest . . . just as we value each advertiser’s support.

As we worked on closing advertising sales and production on this issue, I noticed the schedule for the next (fall) issue. I am scheduled to lay out the issue on July 30, the day I am to be married (at age 66!). So . . . it appears that I, too, will be dealing with change (or at least my fiancée, Marsha, will!) around our operation. I wonder if change will be harder for me than it will be for you. Let’s go sell something . . .

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