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EC Announces Continued Acceptance of Several Biotech Traits for Feed Products

Fifteen Monsanto biotech products were among those included in the European Commission’s (EC) April 2005 announcement allowing the continued use of specific biotech traits in processed feed products shipped to the European Union (EU). This means the routine importation of processed feed (including corn gluten feed certified to be free of Syngenta’s Bt10 trait) can continue uninterrupted, providing farmers with additional grain marketing options for these products, reports Monsanto.

“We are pleased to see the EU operate this aspect of its regulatory system as it was designed, which allows the processed feed market to remain open for U.S. corn processors and growers,” says Hugh Grant, Monsanto’s CEO.

The EU’s action on these biotech products should result in additional marketing options for farmers who grow biotech grain, as some corn refiners may be able to expand their grain buying to include the biotech traits listed, if those refiners do not send corn-based food ingredients to EU markets, reports Monsanto.

The company’s Roundup Ready Corn 2 and YieldGard Corn Borer products have already received EU food approvals. Food approvals for other Monsanto corn products marketed in the U.S. are pending in the EU regulatory process.

Monsanto encourages farmers to talk to their grain handlers to learn more about this development. It is important for farmers to understand each processing facility’s buying policy and request more information about the end markets it serves.

“This comes at a time when farmers are seeking new choices and new technologies,” says Grant. “The EU delivered what it said it would for processed feed, contributing to the positive momentum that allows farmers to plant Monsanto’s biotech traits with even more confidence.”

In all, the EC’s list includes 26 “existing products” that may continue to be marketed because they fulfilled the notification requirements under Regulation (EC) No 1829/2003. The April 2005 decision means these products may continue to be marketed legally in processed feeds, including corn gluten feed, which is the primary use of U.S. corn products exported to the EU.

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