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Get Out of the Box!
by Floyd Roberts

Recently I have reconnected with a long-time editor friend who has developed a business service sharing commentary on “Words that Stick.” Each issue serves as a good reminder of how important commonly used words and phrases can be. It makes you think.
“Great customer service” is an overused phrase these days. It doesn’t necessarily differentiate your business from a competitor who is also using the phrase as a benefit of doing business with them. Often my reaction is to wonder who is defining the service as “great?” Obviously their definition differs from mine. The sad part is that I suspect many do not even realize there is a difference.

“Corporate Speak?”

In an effort to be sure all employees are thinking positively we often brainwash them with the idea that our customer service is great. They are expected to know and believe it without benefit of knowing the specifics of what “we” do differently than the competition. It might be a good idea to start asking customers for feedback on how THEY think you are doing. Having your staff do the interviews could certainly provide some eye-openers.
This seems to be a win-win situation because customers usually welcome the chance to provide feedback and suggestions. If all is good, think how that will make the staff feel. If there are some good suggestions for improvement, that’s the basis for some team building, dialogue and planning.

Change can be Good

I’m counting on that in my new marriage. Last night’s rehearsal dinner and this afternoon’s wedding ceremony serve notice that many good changes (she says) await me. Since I normally live outside the box, there may be some surprises for her as well. I’m looking forward to it because I do realize change can be good. I would hope that your staff feels the same.

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