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Tis the season . . . ?
by Floyd Roberts

I’ve had my fill of goblins and glitches this year. They’ve been coming for 10 months it seems. Now, if they have departed with Halloween I will be very thankful. Feel free to ask me about this at the National Grain & Feed Association annual meeting and trade show in St. Louis, December 4-6. I am ready to take a moment to relax and count my blessings.

Don’t miss this…

Included on my list of blessings are some valued friends who share their thoughts and observations with you in each issue – our contributing writers. They are professionals, consultants, managers and specialists in their own areas . . . with experience in ours. They’ve authored books, posted on-line newsletters, testified before government legislative bodies and been on industry programs throughout the year. I am proud to have them on our publication team.

Lynn Grooms, our managing editor, once remarked that in all her years as a journalist, she has never seen such an experienced, insightful and knowledgeable team of writers assembled--particularly for a small industry publication. I want you to meet and learn a little more about this unique team. You can do that by reading page 15 of this issue.

Help us help you…

To be sure we are truly accomplishing our goal to “Help Managers Manage” we are asking you to grade us (page 16) and fax it back to 815-232-1363. We’ll be looking and reading. Your comments will help direct our planning. I promise. This is your opportunity to tell it like it is. It really is a win-win situation. You help us do a better job and we will be better able to help you. When I write that postage check to mail 12,000 copies of each issue, I want to be sure it contains the information you want and need. So, be sure to tell us what you think.

Tis the season to share greetings with employees and suppliers, as well as customers. I hope you are getting into the holiday spirit and that both the season and new year will fulfill your hopes.

Floyd Roberts
Editor & Publisher

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