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Safety Executive of the Year

Grain & Feed Marketing magazine is pleased to announce a new award program in which executives who have made significant contributions to making the industry safer will be recognized for their accomplishments. The 2005 Safety Executive of the Year is Daniel Morhaus, CEO, Fall Protection Systems, Inc., Hazelwood, Missouri.

Morhaus is the creator and U.S. patent holder of several of the most significant products in the safety industry. His creation and implementation of the integrated triangular truss trolley rail fall protection system design has revolutionized railroad car and tractor trailer fall protection systems for the American grain industry.

Morhaus also has engineered products for existing elevators, including trolley rail systems which curve around spouts, access systems with lightweight gangways that attach to existing columns, and inexpensive fall protection systems that attach to existing structures such as sheds and towers.

Last year, at least six people in the grain industry were known to have been saved from catastrophic falls from protected railcars or trailers by systems designed and built by Fall Protection Systems.

Grain & Feed Marketing is proud to recognize Daniel Morhaus as the Safety Executive of The Year for 2005.

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