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Boomers and Brains
by Floyd Roberts

During the past couple of weeks, I have run across a number of articles and interviews with a common tie. Most of them have dealt with the coming of age 60 for the baby boomers, and how they will continue to change the world in which they find themselves. I believe it and want to encourage them to do that.

While flipping through the TV channels, I watched a (too) quick interview with a quirky author about his new book on the “mature” mind. His attitude differed dramatically from the normal problems of aging drivel which seems so prominent these days. He was enthusiastically optimistic about the potential continued contributions and advantages of the “mature mind.” He was looking for a descriptive phrase to define this phase of life.

This author indicated that in out earlier years we tend to more narrowly focus on the things we do… and life in general. We go through the left-brain, right-brain processes. With maturity, that focus dwindles and, often, our perspectives and activities begin to change. He explained that some people seem to mellow. Others seem to listen better. And many develop a broader perspective to more easily see the “big picture” of life.

That struck home with me because I have been aware of personally developing more patience and empathy, insight and understanding than I had but just a few years ago. Of course, surviving the dating process and finding a new bride in my mid 60s may have been a part of that (or a necessary requirement). But, I am comfortable with who I am and am enjoying life. It is much different than I had envisioned. I am glad that I made the changes. I hope you are feeling that way about yourself and what you do as well.

Spring is the time of year when we all seem to be more receptive to change. But as managers, we need to do it year round. I am excited about the coming (February) meetings where I will get to spend more time visiting face-to-face with readers. I always learn a lot . . . come up with story ideas, hear suggestions from readers, get to see new products and learn about new services from industry suppliers.

We will be making a number of changes in our organization this spring. We’ll be relocating the office closer to my new residence – a rural community of 1,500 good Midwestern folk. We’re anticipating the production of larger issues with both more ads and ‘Helping Managers Manage’ type editorial content for readers. The housebreaking process (from bride, Marsha) will, no doubt, continue. I’m looking forward to it all.

No matter what your mindset (left, right, mature) and no matter what changes you’ll be dealing with, I hope the energy of spring fever helps you improve those things that need to be addressed, that you are able to enjoy the process and that 2006 is already off to a flourish. We hope this issue helps.

Floyd K. Roberts
Publisher and Editor

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