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How do YOU Manage Someone...Who Doesn't Even Wear a Watch?
by Floyd Roberts

In a recent conversation with columnist Nancy Ahlrichs, she shared an intriguing question she has been asking meeting, seminar and workshop attendees she has addressed all over the country during the past year. Nancy is a popular author and platform speaker at association, organization and corporate meetings - usually national. Her question: "Please raise your hand if you no longer wear a watch."

About one-third raise their hand. They get their time (and lots of additional information) from their cell phone or PDA-type electronic resource. They see no need for a watch. Interesting... but what's that mean to you as a grain or feed manager, you might ask. It could be a lot!

First - tomorrow's competition for watch makers will not be limited to other watch makers. The new generation of employees will see and do things quite differently than you did at their age. They have options we didn't know about (or even suspect?) at their age! You might want to start watching and listening to fellow employees more carefully because they may have changed more than you think or know.

Second - your replacement will, no doubt, do things differently than you do. As a matter of fact, that might be the reason for YOUR being replaced. With half of today's work force being Baby Boomers, work and management changes are inevitable. It is not limited to "other industries" or parts of the world. And, chances are very good that you are personally going to be effected in one way or another.

In Nancy's column, on page 22 of this issue, she clearly defined the problem you and I now face. We must now manage better than we have ever been managed! We are trying to help you be better prepared. Our editorial mission statement also describes what we do as we plan and develop each quarterly issue of this publication - Helping Managers Manage.

Are we? Let us know.

Floyd Roberts
Publisher & Editor

PS: New Managing Editor Christopher Clukey, is already initiating changes around here. And, my guess is that you will be able to benefit from them as well. Keep reading your issues...

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