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DTN Debuts New Tools for Trading
by Troy Tepley

DTN, a leading business-to-business provider of transaction management and real-time market information services, has introduced DTN ProphetX Commodities Edition™. ProphetX introduces an industry leading array of innovative productivity features, advanced analytics and performance enhancements.

ProphetX Commodities Edition’s ‘linked display’ tools filter data to create a strong contextual relationship between quote displays, charts and industry news. ProphetX conveniently links together information, simply by dragging and dropping it into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or within the ProphetX client itself for up-close monitoring, charting history and full details, and pricing information updates in real-time. A single click accesses all relevant information for a particular commodity or market, and the resulting information is displayed in an intuitive and flexible manner. Available screen space is maximized in ProphetX by extending the display across multiple monitors, allowing traders to maintain visibility of broad market sectors while reacting quickly to market dynamics.

Professional traders expect timely, accurate data and maximum service reliability. With ProphetX, DTN continues to stay ahead of soaring market volumes through continued investment in data quality and server performance. ProphetX accesses market data through DTN’s own state-of-the-art, multi-redundant ticker plants and quote servers. Specific new enhancements found in ProphetX include improved redundancy and failover capabilities, a proprietary tick-scrubbing process, faster quote data and news processing systems.

ProphetX enhances the already robust analytical tools available in earlier versions by adding calculated spreads in both bar chart and market profile displays. These advanced technical features are available in only the most sophisticated market data products and DTN’s proprietary algorithms deliver unmatched analytical power and precision at any price point.

Offering a broad and deep range of news coverage, proprietary content originates from DTN’s own newsroom and staff of highly-trained meteorologists as well as top name, third-party sources including Reuters, Hotspot FX, Dow Jones, Barclays and Tullet and Tokyo. Valuable economic calendars and reports are also included.

News filtering options allow users to create customized searches to bring up relevant articles. The robust search function looks for key words in the full-text of articles which translates into users spending less time searching and more time analyzing. ProphetX also delivers forecasts, histories, current conditions and climate predications generated by DTN’s staff of highly-trained meteorologists.

During periods of intense market volatility, price alerts can be set up and customized through a variety of different formats such as visual, audio, e-mail or text-to-speech to ensure prompt response.

“DTN ProphetX Commodities Edition is a comprehensive solution for the commodity futures trading market,” said Robert Gordon, chief executive officer, DTN. “Our goal is to make it easy for traders to see the real-time market activity, industry news and weather forecast information that is moving the market. We are committed to providing traders the tools and resources they need, in one program, to analyze the market and make smart trading decisions.”

Until now, futures trading tools either lacked the power and flexibility to meet the demands of increasingly complex markets, or have been so difficult to use that traders were left unfulfilled and unsatisfied. The new ‘linked display’ found within ProphetX Commodities Edition means traders have finally achieved a balance of power and ease-of-use to make successful commodity and trading decisions a reality.

DTN also introduced their proprietary Six Factors™ marketing methodology to the agricultural and energy industries. Six Factors offers clear, concise and conservative marketing strategies for both futures traders and cash traders. It simplifies commodity marketing by reducing market analysis to six factors and combines it with an unbiased market analysis package that caters to various marketing experience levels. The simplicity of the program makes it easy to track and understand marketing recommendations.

DTN Six Factors Market Strategies improves profitability by educating producers on how to market their production, by providing a well-rounded view of market conditions and helping to manage risk by forward contracting, cash analysis and gauging input prices.

Clear market data summaries and charts support the DTN Six Factors Market Strategies, offering recommendations for pure cash traders and future traders that are fundamentally conservative, designed for risk management not speculation.

“This product is a natural growth in our service offerings as it provides concise, easy-to-understand information that will help our customers make smarter decisions,” said Robert Gordon, chief executive officer, DTN. “Through our Six Factors methodology, we’re able to offer recommendations, backed by our market expertise in a format that’s designed to meet the needs of all marketers.”

Six Factors Market Strategies will help users reduce price risk due to market volatility, get better margins for commodities, reduce costs of inputs and use the futures market to protect prices. Overall, its easy-to-understand analysis and information will help users make more informed decisions to improve their profitability.

More information can be found at www.dtn.com.

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