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AIRLANCO Intros AIRAUGER™ For Safe Bin Unloading

AIRLANCO has introduced a new system for safely and efficiently emptying large bins and other storage facilities after gravity has done its work. The AIRLANCO AIRAUGER System uses pitched flooring and air pressure to unload product safely and reliably without bin entry. The system can be used for general aeration throughout the unloading cycle or only at the end of the cycle to dislodge remaining product.

Installation begins by pouring a sloped and ridged concrete floor inside the storage unit, or special preparation of the original concrete base. Perforated steel decking is placed between the raised concrete ridges. The floor slopes down toward the discharge gates/central draw off and the ridges in the floor slope toward the perforated decking in the valleys. Exterior ductwork and channels in the concrete floor route air from a high-capacity fan into the storage area and through the perforated decking to aerate the material being unloaded. The air stream fluidizes and moves the remaining stored product along the sloping floor to the discharge point.

All mechanical components are kept outside the storage unit to simplify maintenance and service.

For more information and FREE literature, call AIRLANCO at 1-800-500-9777 or send E-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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