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‘Talk’ to Me!
by Floyd Roberts

For the past five weeks I have had the pleasure of attending a number of the industry’s National and State Association meetings and trade shows. It’s always interesting to observe the seminar and workshop presentations that are generating the most interest… and participation. If grain and feed managers WANT information, they remain persistent with questions and debate until they get it. That’s good!

We’re announcing a way for you to use today’s new technology to more easily find the information you want and need. It’s as close as your computer and promises to become the industry’s most helpful and active website – grainandfeedmanager.com. It's slated to open March 1st, so come look around and bookmark it for an easy return.

If you remember nightmare visits to other sites, wasting your valuable time sorting through tons of stuff and having trouble finding the information you were looking for, forget it. We know this site needs to be as user-friendly as possible. It must be rich in useful information and updated regularly, and above all it must be interactive because that ability is the most powerful advantage of the internet.

I hope you’ll agree that grainandfeedmanager.com will become the premiere grain industry website. The website’s content will be for and about you and the most important topics affecting the grain industry. It will have a broad-base of support and won't be limited to the products and interests of any single organization. After all, it was created just for grain elevator and feed business managers, with the goal to ‘Help Managers Manage’.

Real Interactivity

We think you’ll love it. Here’s why:

1. You’ll be able to visit the Publication Archives and find information cross referenced by issue, author and topic.

2. Looking for ideas on how to manage your facility—or your board? Go to the Managers Forum and add your own questions or comment. You’ll get feedback from your peers and industry experts, and you can be totally anonymous if you wish.

3. Considering a job change? Visit the Help Wanted section and be linked to the leading industry recruiters, all from this single site.

4. Have equipment to sell or looking to buy? Post an inexpensive classified that covers the industry.

5. Need a current Product Directory? This isn’t just a once per year opportunity; this one will be updated every two weeks as new information comes in. You’ll find convenient links to visit multiple sites just from this single address.

6. Want to argue with our new columnist, the G Man? You can disagree with his outspoken commentary or philosophy—premiering in the Summer issue.

7. Feel like getting great management advice and the latest industry news? The Managers’ Blog will provide these, and you can say whatever you want about any blog post in the Forum

Give it a try. Start a new phase in industry interactivity by visiting grainandfeedmanager.com

Floyd Roberts

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