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New Products
Chief re-engineers Lemanco Square Bolted Bin System

Chief Agri/Industrial Division (Chief) has re-engineered the Lemanco Square Bolted Bin System based on experience with Lemanco’s quality products and industry recommendations. The new bin design was accomplished with the total project process in mind to improve cost efficiency. This not only reduced manufacturing and installation costs, but increased strength durability.
• High strength steel (50ksi yield strength) vs. commercial grade steel (36ksi yield strength) provides 28% stronger components.
• Interior and exterior bin components are manufactured with galvanized steel using G115 zinc coating, which increases durability by 21%. (Hoppers and roof sheets are painted steel.)
• Man Ways are now constructed of galvanized steel.
• The profiles of all stiffeners have been re-engineered to increase strength, promote product flow and provide a cleaner surface area.
• There are now fewer components to assemble and fewer fasteners are required to assemble them.
• The overlap of the side sheets is now a single row of holes to allow more assembly to be performed on the ground and lifted into place.
• Bin compartments are isolated with chamfered corners.
• Hopper flashing is now bolted directly into bin assembly.
• Scaffold clips no longer required during installation process.

AFIA, FDA offer BSE safety video, compliance guide

After several years of working with the FDA's Center for Veterinary Medicine, the American Feed Industry Association has sent its members a CD-ROM format training video about truck cleanout to prevent the spread of BSE. The video entitled, "Preventing the Spread of BSE (Do Your Part: Clean Your Truck)" is about 10 minutes long but provides an excellent overview of the importance of truck drivers/firms cleaning their trucks after hauling prohibited mammalian protein (bovine meat and bone meal and associated products). This can reduce the likelihood of commingling "clean" ingredients with potentially contaminated ones.

The video is in an easy-to-use format and can be inserted into any computer with a CD-ROM drive for viewing. It should automatically begin running and can be viewed by all staff and especially by truck drivers hauling ingredients to grain firms.

“We believe each truck driver in America should see it,” read a letter from AFIA to members. “We are supplying one copy to each official contact member of AFIA and strongly encourage you to make copies to distribute to each facility and dealer in your network. This will go a long way to educating truck drivers. The CD can easily be copied by most computers with CD writable programs. It is not copyrighted [in order] to encourage the widest possible distribution.”

If you are unable to copy the CD, contact AFIA at the number/e-mail below, and they will make arrangements to make copies for a nominal charge.

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